For one week, from 11-17 March, thousands of people from across the UK will be

coming together to count their plastic waste. And we want you to join them!

The investigation will reveal how much plastic we are throwing away, and find out

what really happens to it afterwards. We’ll use the results to convince UK ministers to

lead the way at the global talks that could finally phase out plastic pollution for good.


Taking part in The Big Plastic Count really is easy. Here’s how to get involved:


  1. Register: Get your free counting pack (digital or via post) which includes

everything you need to take part – click here >>

  1. Get Counting: Count all your plastic waste from 11-17 March
  2. Submit Results: Submit your data via the links in your pack by 31 March
  3. Get Your Footprint: Discover your plastic footprint and use the results to make

a difference


We’re working to free where we live from single use plastic, from beaches and green spaces right back to the companies, brands and branches of Government with the power to stem the flow. Join us and help us fight plastic pollution – one plastic bottle at a time.


Thank you!

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