I can’t believe it has now been a year since founder Claire Sumners sadly passed away.

During this time one of the things we have been working on is installation of a memorial on the beach to remember Claire’s legacy in fighting for the environment and to inspire all who visit to carry on protecting it.

I am pleased to announce that fundraising is now open! Please see below for more details of what we are planning to achieve. Donate online here https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/csmemorial

Pending council approval


Since 2018 Claire Sumners was an incredibly important part of our community in Seaford. She worked tirelessly as a volunteer and regional representative of Surfers Against Sewage, helping to educate the East Sussex communities and beyond about the importance of protecting our coastlines from plastic waste and pollution. Claire was an instrumental part of founding Plastic Free Seaford and worked with many local businesses and schools to help them adopt better approaches to their businesses plastic consumption and carbon footprints.  

Claire visited schools, councils, and businesses across the county, and where she went people listened, change happened and people of all generations were inspired to make the change. She worked closely with Seaford Town Council supporting their efforts to achieve ‘Plastic Free Community’ status which was given in 2020.

In November 2021 Claire was diagnosed with terminal cancer, and she passed away in  March 2022. She left behind her husband and two small children along with an incredible legacy which she worked so hard for and we do not want to be forgotten.  


Memorial Proposal 

Many members of the Seaford community support the idea of a memorial to Claire on  Seaford beach, which not only can be a place for reflection and memory, but also continue to educate and inspire residents and visitors to love and protect our coastline and uphold the principles of a plastic free community.  

We propose to install an interactive and functional sculpture to celebrate the tireless environmental work of Claire Sumners. This structure will enhance Seaford beach, will provide a cultural pull to visitors and local residents, while demonstrating Seaford’s commitment to protecting its seas and honouring the legacy of an incredible woman. 


At this point the site of the memorial is still being discussed and researched. Much of Claire’s time was spent on the beach at Seaford, whether it was campaigning and running beach cleans at Martello Tower and the Sailing Club, taking her children to play near Frankie’s beach kiosk or swimming and walking along the coast, she felt a huge draw to the sea. Therefore we would favour one of these sites for the memorial and would be very grateful for any support and advice regarding gaining permission from landowners along Seaford’s coastline.


A full brief has been created which will be sent to a number of cultural artists and public art  designers to develop ideas and pitch for the project. 

The structure will highlight the environmental damage caused by plastic pollution in the  oceans and provide information for how to help overcome it.

The structure must reflect the ocean, Claire’s passion for the coastline and be in keeping with  the aesthetics of our beautiful beach and promenade. Please contact plasticfreeseaford.community@gmail.com if you would be interested in submitting a design.


At this stage the full cost of the project is unknown, as we await proposals from the artists.  However, the fundraising will be run by Fran Chorlton co-lead of the Plastic Free Seaford  team with the support of the Sumners Family. 

The Seaford Martello Rotary Club have agreed to take donations and hold the funds on behalf of  The Sumners family. 

Please get in touch if you have any questions or would like to be involved in the project in any way at plasticfreeseaford.community@gmail.com

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