There are five objectives that Surfers Against Sewage qualify as the criteria in getting towns to
successfully become plastic free. Once they have been achieved the Town will be awarded the
‘Plastic Free Status’ which is similar to the FairTrade model. Businesses and the Town will then be
awarded approved business stickers and certificates when the whole community is approved.

Objective 1

Taking local policy action. The Town Council to pass a resolution to support Plastic Free Coastlines committing to plastic free alternatives and supporting plastic free initiatives within the Constituency. Councils must lead by example;

  • remove all single-use plastic where possible
  • to encourage plastic free initiatives and promote the campaign and supporting events
  • a representative of the council must be named in the Steering Group (Objective 5)

Objective 2

Committing to stopping the use of at least 3 single-use plastics in local businesses;

  • plastic bottles
  • plastic bags
  • coffee cups and lids
  • straws and plastic stirrers
  • plastic ‘food on the go’ packaging
  • condiment sachets
  • plastic drinking cups
  • plastic cutlery;

and helping in providing information on sustainable alternatives, encouraging businesses to reduce the amount of throw-away plastic by making alternatives readily available. Approach and discuss with businesses the importance of moving away from disposable single-use plastic items and supporting them in making the change to alternatives, cost saving and reductions in waste they produce as a business.

Objective 3

Work with the community in gaining support for the Plastic Free Coastline campaign, ensuring as many people as possible are aware of the campaign and the issue of single-use plastics. Engaging of at least one community organisation like the Scouts, WI, Family Support Group and running education talks and presentations to inform the wider community, helping workplaces remove at least 3 single-use plastic to ensure employees and members maintain the changes.

Objective 4

Hold at least two community events. To be arranged and made open for all to attend in one calendar year examples are beach cleans and a fundraising event. The more people that participate in events the great level of success of the campaign thanks to those understanding why we are fighting single-use plastic.

Objective 5

Local group of stakeholders to meet at least once per year to discuss the progress of Plastic Free Coastlines campaign locally, agreeing and setting direction, meeting objectives and completing application to Surfers Against Sewage for Plastic Free Status. Members of local businesses, organisations and fellow volunteers need to be asked to join me in forming the group. To include 1 member of a local council.


Plastic Free Seaford was certified by Surfers Against Sewage in January 2020 but we are still working along these 5 objectives and running regular beach cleans. We are also working with schools, setting up plastic free projects such as our collaboration with Seaford Environmental Alliance to provide reusable period products and reaching our wider with our campaign efforts.