We are proud and excited to be introducing the #comebackcup to the world this bank holiday Monday! In partnership with ecolunchware and The Steamworks, Seaford are to have a deposit return scheme for coffee cups!

£3 deposit to use an ecolunchware cup for your commute, walk, or outside time with your money back on the cups return! If you decide to keep that cup then that’s ok too!
Hoping to make sustainable practices available to people no matter the budget for no profit, the #comebackcup is available from Monday from station side beer and bakehouse The Steamworks.

Caroline met Matt from ecolunchware after her @tedx_official talk last year. His company have donated all of the cups to kick off this fantastic opportunity. We are the first deposit return coffee cup scheme on the South coast !!

Reusable Cup discounts

Thanks to all of the cafés who are on board in giving a discount to every customer that brings in their Reusable Cup. Some discounts still to be confirmed. It’s a real sense of community achievement.

If you see the attached sign you know you are buying coffee from a cafe who shares our enthusiasm for reducing single-use disposable waste from a hot drink!

  • Wave Leisure, tbc
  • Pomegranate Café 20p off
  • The Grumpy Chef tbc
  • Front Room 20p off
  • Chloe’s 20p off
  • Bistro 11 20p off
  • Harri-Nats offer a Discount with reusables in form of loyalty card
  • The Real Deli tbc
  • Baca’s coffee bar tbc

Thanks to the wonderful local artist Kittie Kippers’ amazing artwork, time and effort.