Earth day  is a global day of action for the planet and this year the focus is on plastic pollution. There are three simple tasks you can get involved with to help reduce demand for plastic production.

Action 1 – Support The Global Plastics Treaty – Global Plastics Treaty (

This petition calls on the UN and participating governments to commit to a strong treaty which aims for a 60% reduction in fossil fuel-based plastic production by 2040 as well as other key policies and laws to                                                                                          limit plastic pollution.

You could also email your MP to ask for an ‘All-in Deposit Return Scheme’ to be implemented in the UK as soon as possible. This would tackle the huge amounts of waste created by the bottled drinks companies. More info here

Better still pledge to not buying drinks in plastic bottles or hot drinks in disposable cups and remember your own reusable bottle and cup!

Action 2 – Reject Fast Fashion – Fashion for the Earth – EARTHDAY.ORG

This petition challenges the fashion industry to clean up their act and for governments to introduce stricter regulations for manufacturers. 

You could pledge to shop second hand in charity shops or buy & sell apps such as Vinted, learn to repair or alter what you already have or organise a clothes swap between friends. Did you know that fantastic quality second hand school uniform for all Seaford schools can be ordered here?

Action 3 – Join the Global Cleanup 

We run regular beach cleans on the first Sunday of the month but you can also borrow equipment from the Community Tool Store on the beach by Frankie’s Beach Kiosk or find a #2minutebeachclean board and do your own litter pick. Dates and locations for our community cleans can be found here

Every item we remove from the beach means it can no longer be a hazard to wildlife or break down into harmful microplastics so the impact of clean ups is huge! Litter picking has also been shown to be greatly beneficial to your mental health so come and join our next beach clean on the 5th May at Martello Tower!

Finally, we are so pleased that Cradle Hill Community Primary School have nominated us for donations on Earth Day whilst the children will be wearing green and blue instead of their uniform. If you would like to join them in supporting the work we do in Seaford you can donate with the link below. Our volunteers give their time for free so every penny will go straight to making a difference!

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