Seaford Bonfire Society, Plastic Free Seaford and Seaford Environmental Alliance are asking bonfire goers to refuse single use plastic. We are a certified plastic free community…let’s keep it that way. The only light that should be showing is the bonfire and fireworks display itself!

Sales of plastic toys from pedlars on Bonfire Night divert money from Bonfire Society fundraising.

The toys only last a very short time and so are effectively single use.

These plastics do not break down, instead they leach chemicals into the environment.


There are now more microplastics (tiny pieces of broken down plastic) in the oceans than there are stars in the Milky Way.

Humans ingest 5g of plastic through it being present in water supplies and the food chain every week. Plastic has even been found in human blood, baby poop and human placentas!


The pedlars themselves were last year found to be in breach of their Police issued pedlars certificates which state that they must make continual progress and cannot use stalls, stands or barrows to sell from.

The products they sell do not comply with Seaford Town Council’s single use plastic policy which can be found on their website and relates to any event or trader on town council property. They also divert much needed funds away from Seaford Bonfire Society and local traders.

If you see a pedlar breaching their certificate conditions please ask for their name and certificate number and report it to a member of the police or Seaford town council if it is safe to do so on the night, or after the event. We hope that it will become too inconvenient for the pedlars to sell plastic products in Seaford and too difficult to make a profit that they won’t return in subsequent years.


We thank you for your co-operation in keeping Seaford bonfire night plastic free. Please share the plastic free message, enjoy the show and save the money you would have spent on plastic toys. Why not consider pledging it to Seaford bonfire society instead. You can donate ahead of the parade here


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