Well would you look at this, I’ve only gone and won an Award from the fab Mayoral Office of Cllr Rodney Reed!
The ‘Award for Sustainability’ and you know what I am so proud and thrilled for all of you who support this campaign, friends who trust me when I try and get them to stop buying single use plastic and for the Seaford Community for making me realise that what I do matters.
I won’t lie, there was a little hostility when I first started this campaign, but 4 years on, passion for saving the health of our planet and oceans have combined within our Town, and now its clear to me we are all working to help everyone who cares in Seaford care together.
A sincere thank you to you Rodney and everyone at Seaford Town Council for their support.
Whoop! Better crack open some wine tonight to celebrate!
Claire x

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