Rivers are the arteries of our blue planet but are treated like open sewers. Only 14% meet good ecological status and 3 in 4 pose a serious risk to human health. Join Surfers Against Sewage to demand 200 River Bathing Waters by 2030 to help #EndSewagePollution.

Locally we have recently seen Southern Water release water containing untreated sewage into our rivers and the sea. They must be held more accountable! The UKs waterways are also heavily polluted by agricultural runoff and plastic contaminants.

Sign the petition here to add your name to the list calling on the government to act by bringing in proper Bathing Water Status so that water quality can be monitored and legal obligations put upon the industries polluting our waters.

Speak Up For Our Rivers | Surfers Against Sewage (sas.org.uk)

You can also email your MP here to call on them to rethink the Storm Overflow Discharge Reduction Plan which is the loophole water companies are using to pollute our waters. Together we can end sewage pollution.

#EndSewagePollution: Get your MP to Pipe Up • Surfers Against Sewage (sas.org.uk)

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