Below are some of the films and books we recommend if you want to do your own research and learning around environmental issues

Plastic Britain: on our watch
The Age of Stupid (2009)
A Plastic Ocean
Chasing Coral
Mission Blue
How to Change the World (Greenpeace)
Chasing Ice
Drowning in Plastic (BBC)
Truth about Fashion (BBC)
Sea Shepard films
Sonic Seas (about noise pollution)
The Damn Truth
180 Degrees South (All Patagonia films are interesting)
The True Coast
Before the Flood
Cal Major’s Skyes the Limit
Cape Farewell (Dr Simon Boxall)
Trashed (Jeremy Irons)
Also check out the short films shown at the annual Ocean Film Festival

If you have any suggestions please drop a comment below and if you have watched any of these let us know what you thought!